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Journal of Arts and Communities

Double Special Edition: Stitching Together

The Call for Contributions to our special edition of the Journal of Arts and Communities attracted such a strong response from researchers around the world that it has expanded into a double edition. The first issue will be published in Spring 2020, with the second due to follow in Autumn 2020.

Here is the original text of the call:


This special edition of the Journal of Arts and Communities arises from the Stitching Together project, funded by an AHRC research networking grant. The Stitching Together project brings together researchers, project commissioners, professional textile practitioners and enthusiast maker groups to open critical dialogue around research and practice using participatory textile making methods. The familiarity of textile making processes such as sewing and knitting means these activities are accessible to participants and researchers in varied contexts across a range of disciplines. Researchers using participatory textile making activities are gaining rich insights into questions of artistic, scientific, social, material and cultural value.

The aim of this special edition is to provide a collection of reflective case study articles that both document and critically examine methods and approaches to using participatory textile making within diverse research contexts. The Call for Contributions is extended to researchers using participatory textile making practices in research areas including, but not confined to:

  • craft practice
  • sustainable development
  • healthcare and well-being
  • learning
  • activism
  • community
  • identity

The special edition offers an opportunity to reflect on issues including the ethical dimensions of participatory making; the immaterial qualities of making together; possibilities for and challenges to cross-cultural understandings; the making and un-making of boundaries; and the challenges for researchers of documentation and data gathering.

Submissions should not exceed 4,000 words and should discuss:

  • the research context
  • the making activities
  • advantages and disadvantages of the methods used
  • findings and reflections

Contributors are encouraged to use visual supporting material; images and illustrations are welcome.

The Journal of Arts and Communities is an international publication. Submissions should reflect this and clearly explain the research context with an international readership in mind.

Deadline for submissions: 1st October 2019

Deadline for revised submissions: 13th January 2020

Expected publication of the Stitching Together special edition: Spring 2020

All submissions are to be made through the journal’s website.

Enquiries about submissions may be addressed to the guest editors at: Guest editors will not review submissions previously discussed with authors; all submissions will be reviewed independently and anonymously following the journal guidelines.

Principal Editor: Stephanie Knight

Guest Editors: Emma Shercliff & Amy Twigger Holroyd

Please refer to the publisher’s guidelines for author notes.