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The Stitching Together Good Practice Guidelines provide advice for facilitators of participatory textile making workshops and projects, including professional textile practitioners, artists, academic researchers, people working within museums and galleries, community activists and amateur enthusiasts.

Structured via four principles and eight sections of guidance, the publication aims to highlight all the aspects of a participatory textile making project that need to be considered in order for it to work well from the point of view of the participants, the facilitator and any partner organisation or funder.

ST summary

The Good Practice Guidelines have been written by Amy Twigger Holroyd and Emma Shercliff, coordinators of the Stitching Together network, with valued input from over 30 network members and critical friends. 20 photographs showcase a variety of participatory textile projects from the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, USA, Madagascar and Australia.

Textile workshops and projects are highly diverse in terms of context, format and intention – from tightly focused drop-in activities to open-ended extended projects, and the online activities that have multiplied since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. This diversity is reflected in the flexible language and format of the guidelines. Various issues are highlighted for consideration within each section; it is up to the facilitator to judge how relevant each one is to their particular context, and how they might respond.

Depending on a facilitator’s prior experience and knowledge and the specifics of each workshop/project, additional guidance may be required. With this in mind, suggestions for further reading are provided throughout.

We hope that you find the guidelines useful in conceiving, planning, delivering, evaluating and reflecting on your participatory textile making workshops and projects. We would love to hear about how you use this document, along with any feedback or suggestions for improvement in future versions. Please feel free to get in touch:

Suggested reference: Twigger Holroyd, A. and Shercliff, E. (2020). Stitching Together Good Practice Guidelines: Advice for facilitators of participatory textile making workshops and projects (Bournemouth: Stitching Together).

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