Case studies

In this section of the website we are compiling a set of case studies to showcase the diversity of research contexts in which participatory textile making activities are being used. We hope that this resource will be useful for researchers interested in using such methods.

If your past or current academic research project uses participatory textile making activities, please consider contributing a case study. The template can be downloaded as a Word document here and sent to Please:

  • focus on one specific project – if you have more than one relevant project, you can summarise them briefly in ‘related projects’
  • write clearly and concisely, for a wide audience
  • aim for a total length of around 600 words (maximum 800 words)
  • include images in the Word document to show where they should be positioned, but also send as separate attachments (jpeg format).

If you would like to check whether your project falls within the network’s remit, or have any questions, please get in touch.


Emma case study thumbnail picCASE STUDY: Emma Shercliff – Articulating Stitch



prison and politics figure 3. copyCASE STUDY: Lindy Richardson – Politics in Stitch



lat13eCASE STUDY: Amy Twigger Holroyd – The Knitting Circle