Case Studies on the way….

In an earlier post we mentioned the importance of keeping in sight the nuanced and subtle differences between all the varied ways of using participatory textile making activities for research. This is one of the strengths of this approach. The endless combinations of people, materials and techniques set to work in carefully considered locations and contexts can offer fresh or unique angles on research subjects, alternative perspectives on practices, deeper modes of enquiry, detailed and qualitative personal accounts, and much more.

This was certainly evident in the examples we studied at our first event, the Case Study Workshop. In order to gather the great work of making, thinking and talking from all the workshops at our first event and make it available to a wider audience, we are posting the case studies on the website. In addition to this, we want to extend the invitation to anyone who is using participatory textile making activities in either past or current research projects. Please join the conversation! Find out how to do this here, and watch this space!

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