A Stitching Together Network Virtual Meet-Up!

It is wonderful to have so many of you interested in the work we are doing with the network. Obviously, in this time of uncertainty the nature of ‘together’ has temporarily changed. Current circumstances have disrupted how we do our work and also how we network with others in the field. So, we thought this would be a good time to support doctoral students in the network by organising a virtual get-together for those doing PhD research involving participatory textile practices.

Nottingham Trent University PhD researchers, Emily Rickard and Sally Cooke are hosting a virtual meet-up between 10.30am-12.30pm on Wednesday 27th May 2020. We are inviting you to join an informal discussion about your chosen practice and the questions and ideas you are grappling with at the moment.

Each participant will be allocated 5 minutes to introduce their research and what they’re currently working on, followed by time for discussion. Although primarily aimed at PhD students, we would be very happy for supervisors, more experienced researchers and other network members to join us. Further details about the actual format of the event will be circulated ahead of time.

This is a great opportunity to not only get together and discuss how we intend to manage the participatory aspects of our work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic (it had to be mentioned), but also for us to network and develop our research!

Please spread the word by circulating this to others who you think might be interested. If you would like to join us please confirm by emailing sally.cooke2019@my.ntu.ac.uk by 4th May 2020.

Emily pic for blog.jpg

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