Deadline for submissions extended to 11th November 2022

The deadline for submitting abstracts for the Association for Art History’s 2023 annual conference has been extended to 11th November 2022.

Session: Participatory Needlework as Tangible and Intangible Heritage

Memorarte, Chile, 2017. Photographer: Carlos Candia

We particularly wish to encourage submissions that extend existing scholarship to raise new questions about alternative art and craft histories, notably those of practitioners outside a Eurowestern context.

We call for papers on participatory and artistic needlework practices that consider the economic, historical, political, and creative contexts for sewing groups, or the haptic and visual quality of quilts, embroideries, appliqués and other kinds of textile- based practices. For example: How does the materiality of fabric lend itself to activism and memorialisation? What role do embroidery, appliqué and quilting play in voicing responses to health and humanitarian crises, conflicts, and human rights abuses around the world? How does the therapeutic element of needlework practices sit within the art world? What is the relationship between the labour of needlework and identity? In what ways can participatory needlework projects be considered as tangible and intangible heritage? 

You can find all the details about the call on the original post.

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