Our 2nd Stitching Together network event…. already!

Time has flown by since our first network event back in April. In this time, the network has continued to grow and we have welcomed new members. We have launched our Friday guest blog post, enabling the dialogue begun at our first event to continue to evolve and broaden across the whole network and beyond. If you’d like to write a guest blog post for the website, do get in touch. We have also begun to build our case study resource, enabling other researchers to learn from the different ways we are using participatory textile making activities. We’d love to keep adding to this, so if you have been using participatory textile making activities as part of your research, please consider writing up your activity as a case study, following the guidelines here, and send it to us at: stitchingtogether@aub.ac.uk

And we’ve also been busy preparing for our second event. Next week we’ll be hosting our Critical Reflection Workshop to tackle some of the issues raised and thorny questions posed at our Case Study Workshop. We’ll be welcoming sixteen people – all with fantastically rich and diverse experiences of working in the field of participatory arts and crafts, from educators and project commissioners to artists and researchers – to the Arts University Bournemouth.

Can’t wait! We’ll tell you about it later…

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