Good Practice Guidelines: CALL FOR IMAGES

One of the key outputs of the funded Stitching Together research network project will be the Good Practice Guidelines, which provide advice for facilitators and commissioners of participatory textile making workshops and projects in diverse settings.

The guidelines are currently in progress: we gathered ideas at our first two network events and now have a full draft version. This will be refined in response to feedback from network members, and we aim to publish the final version in the autumn. We will produce an easy-to-share digital document and a limited run of print copies.

We want to illustrate the Good Practice Guidelines with some great images to showcase the amazing diversity of projects that network members are engaged with. To this end, we are inviting you to send us images from your projects. Featuring your work in the Good Practice Guidelines will be another way to reach an even wider audience.

Selected images will be credited and links to further information about the projects will be listed in the Good Practice Guidelines. Please note we can only use images that have copyright clearance. Please ensure you have permission to reproduce your images before sending them.

Submitting images

What: a maximum of 3 images. These must be formatted as JPEG or TIFF files at 350 dpi.

Of particular interest are images that show examples of:

  • Venues for workshops
  • Communicating with participants and partner organisations (e.g. introductions to teams; informed consent taking place)
  • Planning (e.g. a timeline or post-it note wall)
  • Ways of documenting workshops (have you worked with a photographer or filmmaker and caught them on camera at work? Have you worked with participants who record their own process/journey?)
  • Interesting techniques and tools (e.g. culturally specific techniques and practices; using e-textiles)
  • Materials (beautiful images of piles of fabric and yarn always look good – do they have an interesting provenance?)
  • Storage (where do you keep your materials and equipment between sessions? Where is the work-in-progress kept safe?)
  • Sharing (e.g. making tasks; conversation, tea and cake)
  • Displaying work (e.g. exhibitions; presentations)

As well as images of people engaging in the making activities, of course.

For each image, please list on a separate document:

  • Your name
  • A caption describing the image
  • The name of the project
  • The location of the project
  • The date of the project
  • The photographer’s name
  • Funder / partner organisation (if appropriate)
  • Links to a website or further information about the project

When: by 21 August 2020

How to submit: by email to Use WeTransfer for large files if necessary.

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