What a day! Thank you!

Well over 100 people joined us on Thursday 13th May – on Zoom – for the Stitching Together Study Day event. We welcomed 28 contributors across three sessions to discuss a wide variety of participatory textile making projects. It was a fantastically rich event, which left us all feeling so inspired! You can catch up on anything you missed here.

We would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

All the contributors who shared such a range of valuable insights into their work: Brenda Miller, Mah Rana, Pina Santoro, Rose Sinclair, Sally Stone, Katherine Townsend, Jemma Bagley, Lauren Foster, Kim Mason, Catherine Reinhart, Sarah Green, Emma Aurelia, Sarah Brown, Lynn Setterington, Heather Schulte, Dana Moses, Anne Spooner, Daniela Lara Espinoza, Alicia Decker, Ellen Knutson, Susan Norris and Kaitlyn Krall. 

The session facilitators, who so expertly steered the Q&A discussions: Jessica Jacobs, Nicola Thomas and Daniel Fountain.

And to Jane Cook and Jo McIntosh for encouraging us all to stitch together for their activities.

A special thank you goes to Jessica Jacobs, from FilmGeographies, who initiated the Stitching Together / FilmGeographies call, and all the reviewers involved behind the scenes in the selection process, which resulted in the ten wonderful films we are screening here on the website in connection with the Study Day event.

The discussion continues on the Padlet. Please join in and post your questions and comments here. The Padlet will be kept open until Friday May 21st.

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